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My Belief

'I believe in Living Life with Purpose every day' ~ Eunice Frijde

Happiness, harmony, peace and success. Are you aware  that these are mostly an inside job - something you can train, kind of like having a good  workout routine.

We all have the capacity to   train. So do you! However, we need the right tools. 

My passion is to share  these tools with you so you can   live your life in alignment with your purpose every day. To simply be happy and healthy in your personal and professional life, and to make a positive  impact on your surroundings. Does this sound like music to your ears? Let me know!

A friendly smile,

Eunice Frijde 



Do you ever feel that your life is like a shoe that’s a size too small - stifling, stuffy and static? You’re breathing steadily but gasping for air at times. You say something but the words don’t come out quite right. You want to scream out loud to the world: 'Why is it so hard to just get along with each other? Come on, let's all connect, love and respect one another!' Well, I did.

Then one day about 17 years ago  I realized that real change starts from within. I was disconnected from my spirit and I went on a journey to re-connect.

It became a transformational journey  in which  I learned a lot about  mindfulness, meditation, and mental and emotional well-being from an  authentic Buddhist teacher called, Lama Jigmé Namgyal. A new world opened up, full of beautiful possibilities.

During my own journey I discovered that  we all are born with a Purpose. It’s like a treasure box hidden inside of us waiting to be opened. We find the key on our journey of self-observation, contemplation and mindtraining.

I invite you to visualize for a second a world where:

  • Worrying and overthinking no longer consume our minds
  •     Heavy/negative feelings drop off one by one
  • We listen to our intuition
  •     Our relationship with others is based on trust, compassion and understanding       
  •     We work with our talents and skills

Every day I experience that when we live in alignment with our Purpose, life becomes pleasant and full of joy, our intuition becomes stronger, doubts, unnecessary worries and disturbing thoughts and emotions melt like snow.    We are ambitious, happy, our life has meaning and we have a deep desire to serve the world with our talents and skills.

A better world  is possible when  we live our lives with purpose every day.    


To support you to live and work in alignment with your purpose, your  treasure box, every day.


Each story I write is like a flower, it starts with a seed and then it grows....

With I'm working on a beautiful garden filled with stories about personal and spiritual development.

Each story contains a message of wisdom. You are welcome to pick flowers; decode the message, apply it to your own life and build your own garden.   



Master's degree in Social-Cultural Science from the VU University in the Netherlands, where I learned how organizations and society operate


Intense study and practice at Phuntsok Chö Ling, a meditation and mind training institute, in the Netherlands for eleven years


Course at the Utrecht School of Journalism and lot's of  experience writing for organizations that contribute to the wellbeing and welfare of people  .


An online human dynamics systems training for coaches at the Five Wisdoms Institute in the United States.   


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