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Q.    Do you include Spiritual-Storytelling in your coaching and training?

Spiritual-Storytelling is the art of connecting with your spirit through stories. The Wisdom of living your Life with Purpose every day. The knowledge of training your mind. When you master the art of Spiritual-Storytelling you are happy and aware of the quality of your life and work. You have meaningful and loving relationships.

Ask yourself the questions, do I lead a fulfilling and purpose-driven life? Am I happy with myself and relationships? If not, you need answers and tools to make a positive and sustainable change. So yes, Spiritual-Storytelling plays an important role in our coaching and training sessions. And I use a variety of Spiritual-Storytelling tools. 

Q.     Where do we meet for our online workshop, training or coaching?

We have scheduled a meeting for a training, workshop or coaching sessions? Great! :) We will meet at my online meeting room. You will receive either an e-mail or WhatsApp message with the link to this online room. The only thing you have to do is click this link; you don't have to install anything on your computer or device. Simple, right?!

Are you a business and you rather have your team training or workshop in person? Let's set this up. We can organise this in Malaga, Spain or on your favourite location. Contact me for more information.     

Q.    How do I receive my training guide?

Always in your inbox. So make sure to check your e-mail.

Q.    What does #purposeeveryday exactly stand for?

We have one thing in common, we all want to live a happy and fulfilling life. Some of us want more than this, we want to make a positive impact on the world, and we want to help others with our skills and resources - we want our lives to have meaning. However, this wanting does not necessarily mean that our daily life is filled with happiness, laughter, and meaningful actions. A big part of this has to do with training...

With #Purposeeveryday we as VDP's (Very Determined People) express that we are training to master life and love. We are committed to bringing positive energy to others with our actions, speech and mindset. 

Q.    How much does your storytelling, coaching, training or a workshop cost?

My mission is to support as many people as I can to live their life in alignment with their Purpose. Therefore I work budget friendly. This means that we discuss how much you can invest money-wise in your personal and spiritual development. By working this way I want to make personal and spiritual-development accessible for all VDP's. 


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