Let's put our Wisdom Glasses On

Let's put our Wisdom Glasses on

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Spaciousness, Mental Clarity, Passion, Action and Richness. It is my pleasure to write about Five Wisdoms that we all have inside of us. When we connect with the wisdom energies, we sense the impact they have on our mind and body, our life, how they shape our relationships, society, culture, music, language and art.

The Five Wisdoms are part of a spiritual Tibetan Buddhist human dynamics system. This story focuses on the wisdom of mental clarity, also called Varja. We connect with this wisdom energy through the colour blue. That is why I will also refer to this wisdom as blue energy.

I hope you enjoy the story, it's simply a invitation to put wisdom glasses on...

Have you ever felt nauseous because you drank too much and asked yourself: why did I do that? I have. Have you ever consumed too much blue energy and asked yourself: why did I do that? I have. The Five Wisdoms blue energy symbolizes mental clarity. It is called Vajra, and when this wisdom energy flows infinitely, it manifests in us as an eagerness for knowledge and an ability to see different perspectives.

Blue is our favourite colour

I’m connecting with the energy of mental clarity and I see how living in Western Europe has had an impact on my personality and my way of looking at the world. I have been showered in blue energy and consumed so much of it because it was the dominant energy in my environment. Analytical thinking is the essence of good science; therefore our schools and offices are breeding places of Vajra energy. If you grew up in Western Europe or North America you have probably been immersed in this energy too. In our society we respect great scientists like Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Jane Goodall. In the modern western world we consider someone to be intelligent when he has a lot of blue energy because than he has the ability to see things from different perspectives.

Different sides of the coins

A while ago I reflected with one of my Five Wisdoms colleagues, Karuna an American therapist, about her experiences with and viewpoint on the Vajra energy. During our conversation she stimulated my mental clarity by saying: ‘In our daily life we so often look in one direction.’ Karuna was referring to everyday situations where the wisdom of mental clarity can’t flow properly; similar to when our kitchen sink won’t empty and we suspect there is a blockage in the pipe. When our Vajra energy is blocked, we are not open enough to experience this wisdom in its purest form. In this situation we think we know better than others, our perspective is the valid one, and we act arrogantly. We either look to the east or the west, the north or the south, ignorant to the fact that our mind has the capability to put our Wisdom glasses on for a 360-degree viewpoint.

In Buddhist philosophy the concept of ignorance refers to an active misconception about the true nature of things; it means being stuck in your own mental rigidness, like a block of ice refusing to melt even 45°C. The wisdom of mental clarity, the 360-degree viewpoint, helps us to see the true nature of what we feel, think and sense. We see the natural brilliance of situations, people and relationships, as Irini Rockwell of the Five Wisdoms institute describes in her books. We see that our wisdom has two sides, just like a coin. We can choose which side we connect with: the knowledgeable one with love, mindfulness and awareness or the ignorant one with fear, confusion and frustration.

The Blue mist in our society

When I read newspapers or articles on my tablet, click on the comments sections on social media, or watch the news to learn more about what is going on in the world, I often see a thick blue mist appearing on my screen. Awareness shows me that I am looking at a mind-set that is pointing in one direction. So often what is presented to us as the truth or a solution to our problems is no more than an arrow to look in a certain direction. However, we as human beings have options: we can choose if we use our mental clarity, or sleepwalk in the direction of that arrow to follow the path another has paved for us. We can choose which side of the coin we want. For instance do we believe our politicians when they tell us that starting a war is the best solution to protect ourselves from terrorism? Do we believe that Columbus was the first traveller that discovered America like we learned in school? Do we believe our own thoughts and feelings to be true?

Clearing up the mist

When I connected with the blue energy during my Five Wisdoms practice, I sometimes felt mentally nauseous, as if I had a hangover. I could feel the effect of all the years I have been inhaling too much of this blue mist: at times I was thirsty for more entertainment and excitement to keep myself busy. At other times I preferred to sleepwalk because that was easy and less painful compared to admitting to myself that I am ignorant too and that I believe many off the lies that have been told to me since I was a child. Because of the thick mist I could not see that in this acknowledgement lies great strength and wisdom.

We live in exciting times in which more and more people are becoming aware of this ignorant mist that is polluting our minds and our systems. More people are looking for ways to clear up this mist, like the Dalai Lama points out: ‘Our planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.’ Those are the people that can give medicine to the mentally nauseous, provide bandages to those who are mentally wounded, help to wake up those who are sleepwalking and clear up this mist in our environment. Those are the people who can guide humanity along a path to a society with a 360-degree view where we all have our wisdom glasses on.


Do you want to learn more about The Five Wisdoms? Please visit the Five Wisdoms Institute.




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