Five Ancient Wisdoms

Connecting with Five Ancient Wisdoms

Spaciousness, Mental Clarity, Passion, Action and Richness. It is my pleasure to write about Five Wisdoms that we all have inside of us. When we connect with the wisdom energies, we sense the impact they have on our mind and body, our life, how they shape our relationships, society, culture, music, language and art.

The Five Wisdoms are part of a spiritual Tibetan Buddhist human dynamics system. This story focuses on the importance of preparing the mind to be able to receive that which surpasses logical thinking.

I hope you enjoy the story, it's simply a invitation to put wisdom glasses on...

This is gold! My thoughts when I read my first book about the Five Wisdoms in 2013: the words were golden liquid spilling onto the pages. The Five Wisdoms are an ancient Tibetan Buddhist Human Dynamics system. Due to my background in Social- Cultural sciences, I am familiar with several Human Dynamics systems, but I consider the Five Wisdoms to be exceptional. I truly believe that this system can help many people with leading healthy, happy and fulfilling lives because it is Wisdom and Knowledge oriented...


Mindfulness and awareness

Working with the Five Wisdoms gives a deeper understanding of one’s mind, spirit and emotions and it gives you the ability to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself, others and the world we live in. I learned that mastering them means going on an experiential inner journey in which you connect with the Five Wisdoms energies through meditation, physical postures with colored eyeglasses, and an analytical study of the system.

It is a mindfulness and awareness training of the (subtle) energies that are within us, and how they influence our communication and expression. Also, we gain a deeper insight of how we connect to everything that is surrounding us: art, landscapes, buildings, family, friends and colleagues.

Preparing the mind

I had started with spiritual training in 2006 with Buddhist teacher, Lama Jigmé Namgyal, at his centre in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In 2013 I put ‘studying the Five Wisdoms’ on my bucketlist: not only for my own personal and spiritual development, but also to help others in my work as a Spiritual-Storyteller and Life coach. However, reading about the Five Wisdoms made me aware of the fact that if I really want to master these wisdoms, I would have to create the right conditions to be able to integrate them into my daily life and work. I perceived it as a process of preparing my mind and life to be able to receive that which surpasses logical thinking…but also to create space in my daily life to be able to mindfully practice and to be aware of the (subtle) results of my practice.

Now my inner journey of connecting with the Five Ancient Tibetan Buddhist Wisdoms has begun. I hope that by sharing my experiences on this blog, I can give you a glimpse of what the Five Wisdoms have to offer and how they can bring benefit to a beautiful world and all living beings.


In my next story I will discuss the wisdom of spaciousness.


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