Wisdom's Work Stories

Wisdom's Work Stories

Wisdom's Work stories

The Buddha Wisdom of Spaciousness

Simply gazing at the immense wide ocean, I know no worries. Looking up at the clear blue sky, I see no boundaries. Do they worry? Do they think about their limitations, their function, or what they are? Always present with whatever is, and always connected with the energy of spaciousness, or Buddha nature as it is called in the Tibetan Buddhist psychology.


Wisdom's Work stories: Introduction

Connecting with Five Ancient Wisdoms

This is gold! My thoughts when I read my first book about the Five Wisdoms in 2013: the words were golden liquid spilling onto the pages. The Five Wisdoms are an ancient Tibetan Buddhist Human Dynamics system. Due to my background in Social- Cultural sciences, I am familiar with several Human Dynamics systems, but I consider the Five Wisdoms to be exceptional. I truly believe that this system can help many people with leading healthy, happy and fulfilling lives because it is Wisdom and Knowledge oriented...


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Wisdom's Work stories

The Wisdom of Mental Clarity


Have you ever felt nauseous because you drank too much and asked yourself: why did I do that? I have. Have you ever consumed too much blue energy and asked yourself: why did I do that? I have. The Five Wisdoms blue energy symbolizes mental clarity. It is called Vajra, and when this wisdom energy flows infinitely, it manifests in us as an eagerness for knowledge and an ability to see different perspectives...



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