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Meet the Buddha Wisdom of Spaciousness

Spaciousness, Mental Clarity, Passion, Action and Richness. It is my pleasure to write about Five Wisdoms that we all have inside of us. When we connect with the wisdom energies, we sense the impact they have on our mind and body, our life, how they shape our relationships, society, culture, music, language and art.

The Five Wisdoms are part of a spiritual Tibetan Buddhist human dynamics system. This story focuses on the Wisdom of Spaciousness

I hope you enjoy the story, it's simply a invitation to put wisdom glasses on...

Simply gazing at the immense wide ocean, I know no worries. Looking up at the clear blue sky, I see no boundaries. Do they worry? Do they think about their limitations, their function, or what they are? Always present with whatever is, and always connected with the energy of spaciousness, or Buddha nature as it is called in the Tibetan Buddhist psychology.


The Buddha wisdom manifests in the color white and the yoga posture is the most physically challenging compared to the other ones. I have my white colored glasses on and I’m leaning on my elbows and knees. My hands support my head. I notice that my body is unable to spend twenty minutes in this posture without my muscles getting sore.

Thinking, understanding and conceptualizing take over and the physical pain begins to ebb away. My mind wanders off to what I read about the Buddha energy in Irini Rockwell’s book. This energy is least understood in Western societies because we don’t truly recognize its strength. The behavior of a teenager staring out the window during class is very often perceived as a lack of interest. An employee happy with his current position, and uninterested in climbing up the corporate ladder although he has the skills and qualifications, can be characterized as having a lack of ambition. And when your hobby is to sit on a bench peacefully gazing at others passing by, you can be seen as a lazy or a passive type of person.

Spaciousness, always present in the mind

While looking through the white colored glasses, I focus on the energy of the color white and I know that spaciousness is always present in the mind. I fill it with thoughts, feelings, expectations, and concepts; some of those are necessary to survive and live a pleasant life, but others only limit the spaciousness, and therefore the quality of life.

At this moment the pain in my muscles annoys me, because I just want to do the darn Buddha posture for twenty minutes straight. I hear my Five Wisdoms teacher Irini’s voice in my head, ‘Simply go into Childs pose whenever you feel physical pain, the practice must never be a torture.’ But I choose to completely ignore her voice in my heart.

Fully being aware of my stubbornness I turn to the memories of people I know that remind me of the Buddha energy: my five year old nephew, Gavyn, explaining to his mom with a straight face that he likes the kids in his class, but they are too loud; the man I was once in love with, who spends every night in front of the television zapping across the channels, not really watching anything, only staring at the flickering images; a friend who usually watches and listens in silence, not often sharing his opinion during conversation. All these people have a rather serious disposition, sharing a modest smile in place of laughter, almost never an emotional display.

Emptiness is space, and space is empty

Consciously breathing in and out while looking through the white colored glasses. Like a mantra different concepts fill the white space: emptiness is space and space is empty. Emptiness is full, and fullness is empty. Although I’m conceptualizing, I know that once I fully embody the essence of these words, whatever I do and wherever I go, I will go in full awareness, mindfully connecting with the energy of the clear blue sky and the immense wide ocean. But at this present moment I’m only staring at the waves of my thoughts, trying to forget my sore muscles…. this is ignorance!

Does the ocean struggle when it hits land? Does the clear blue sky have a problem when clouds appear? The ocean accepts that land has to take over and the clear blue sky welcomes clouds, still the ocean stays immense and the clear blue sky is always present. My mind calmes down, in acceptance of the limitations of my body: the muscles in my shoulders and back relax when I enter Childs Pose.

Every Buddha practice this week was a challenge, therefore I realize on a deeper level that every human being needs space to spiritually grow, kindly accept, truly love, and take compassionate action. Like every good storm darkens the sky and crashes large waves onto the shore, spaciousness in the mind connects with what is.

The alarm of my Insight Timer app goes off, it’s time to end this session, I take my colored glasses off, meditate for ten more minutes and I’m looking forward to my next Buddha practice. A modest smile transforms my straight face.

Do you want to learn more about The Five Wisdoms? Visit The Five Wisdoms Institute.

In the next WisdomsWork story you will meet the Vajra Wisdom of Clarity.


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