That's the Spirit

Spiritual -Storytelling


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That's the Spirit

Why this Story?

I believe every human being is a Storyteller. I wrote the story, That's the Spirit, to express why I believe in Spiritual-Storytelling. When we connect with our Spirit, we create the most beautiful stories. 

Every human being has a wonderful dream, however not everyone dares to walk through life with a sense of wonder.

Every human being is born with a pure heart, though sometimes we forget to use common sense.

Every heartbeat is a beautiful symphony, but most of the time we fail to hear those beautiful notes.

I dream of a world where everyone dares to dream;

Connects with their heart’s desires;

Hears their soul’s whispers;

Sings in tune with the beautiful symphony of their heart;

And dances through life in harmony with all other living beings.

I believe every human being is a storyteller who can colour our world, just like an artist dabbing at a white canvas with his palette.

I know from experience that Spiritual Storytelling helps you to connect with yourself and others and inspires you to contribute to that place in the universe we call our world.





And Full of Compassion you live, work, enjoy, play and love in the most amazing ways.

Because that’s our Spirit!


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