Personal Stories

Personal stories

That’s the Spirit

Every human being has a wonderful dream, however not everyone dares to walk through life with a sense of wonder.

Every human being is born with a pure heart, though sometimes we forget to use common sense.

Every heartbeat is a beautiful symphony, but most of the time we fail to hear those beautiful notes.

A New Life

‘It is clear that you enjoy life, and that is important,’ my mother said when she came to visit me in Spain. I have been living like a nomad here for six months now and her words coursed through me like a river flowing over mountains and rocks, nourishing everything in its path. Her words were an energising force!

A bird with One Wing


When we apply knowledge and wisdom to our personal and professional lives, we are like birds with two wings and we fly. High in the sky, free from all that keeps us enclosed in a cage.


Never take things Personally


I go where the wind blows me to! My life consists of moving from one home to another, constantly welcoming the unknown. Different houses in a variety of places, living with people with distinctive personalities, and in every new place I find myself in an authentic mix of energies.


Freedom of Mind


I often refer to my old life in the Netherlands as a shoe a size too small, stifling, stuffy and static. That is why I have asked myself many times the question: What does freedom mean to you? On a societal level, we often talk about freedom in a legislative way, for instance freedom of speech and religion...


Live Life from the Inside Out


A few years ago I heard this story about three clubs in a New York street. One of the clubs was usually packed, the other two rather empty. People kept on lining up in the queue in front of the entrance of the club that was usually full. The secret behind this long queue is ...


A Path to Purpose


Embarking on a new journey without a specific destination was as easy as it sounds! One night I woke up and I simply listened to my heart’s desires and my soul's whispers. It was about 3:00 am in the morning, my heart was open and my mind was clear. I was in a..


Live your Life with Purpose every day

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