Freedom of Mind

Freedom of Mind

Why this Story?

If you like my stories, if it helps you, inspires you or you enjoyed reading it, then feel free to support nomadic orphans in Tibet by giving a donation to the Golog Support Foundation. Donation button and link to the foundation are at the bottom of every page.

I often refer to my old life in the Netherlands as a shoe a size too small, stifling, stuffy and static. That is why I have asked myself many times the question: What does freedom mean to you? On a societal level, we often talk about freedom in a legislative way, for instance freedom of speech and religion, same sex marriage, and abortion. I’m grateful to be born in The Netherlands, one of the most liberal countries in the world. However, as an adult I never felt truly free in my country of birth.


Sleeping in ‘the hotel underneath a thousand stars’

Today I met a Frenchman in the park in my new hometown, Malaga. He looked like a hippy traveller with long hair, and a beard. His bicycle was packed with stuff; way less stuff compared to what I have seen on bikes in Asia, way more stuff then we normally see on the streets in Europe. I was curious about his story and made conversation with him. I discovered, he quit his job eighteen years ago because he did not want to spend one more day living like a modern slave. He has no desire to be a part of ‘the system’, instead he is cycling the world in his bare feet and is sleeping in ‘the hotel underneath a thousand stars’. Is he truly free?


Freedom of mind

I’m in love with the word freedom. I study its meaning, and play with it to see how far it stretches. My spiritual teacher, Lama Jigmé Namgyal, has taught me that the seed of true freedom is in the mind. When I don’t experience freedom, I know I have a barrier in my mind, and this limits my capacity to use the freedom I have to be myself, do what I love to do, follow my heart, express myself, use my talents and help others. At that moment I’m blind to the unlimited possibilities life offers me. My spiritual teacher was the first one that taught me how to work with my mind to integrate the freedom I was longing for in my daily life. Since then, I'm making progress every day. It is the most valuable gift I have ever received.


Creating new shoes

I have been through so many different stages, wandering around, finding bits and pieces of material to create new shoes. What a transformational journey it has been. It gave me the opportunity to unleash my dreams of living close to the beach, seeing palm trees and mountains every day, being in a loving and committed relationship with a wonderful Spanish man, and giving meaning to my love for writing and spiritual practice. Words could never capture the true beauty of the happiness I experienced welcoming the new, and the sadness and struggles of letting go of the old.


From my nomadic lifestyle I have learned that freedom goes hand in hand with a sense of gratitude towards life. If life gives you the gift to experience freedom, and to discover what it means to you, why not seize every opportunity to be as free as you can be…. and stop making excuses or blaming others?


Some of you have been reading my stories from the very beginning, when I chose to hang up my old shoes. I found a new pair later. I remember how afraid I was to publish my first story about my experiences of how the nomadic lifestyle came to me. Back then, my fears of being judged or ridiculed made me hesitate for half an hour before courage took over and helped me to push the send button. Luckily my love for writing is so strong, that I continued sharing parts of my journey. During my journey I discovered that freedom for me is: allowing myself to let go of what no longer serves me and others, loving myself fiercely and sharing my love with others in harmony with my capacities. Therefore I want to support a good cause with my spiritual-storytelling organization.



Feel free to help me support nomadic orphans!

If you like my content, if it helps you, inspires you or you enjoyed reading it, then feel free to support nomadic orphans in Tibet by giving a donation to the Golog Support Foundation. Under the direction of my spiritual teacher, Lama Jigmé Namgyal, the Golog Support Foundation takes care of nomadic children who are orphans or have lost a parent to care for them.


Tibetan nomads are shepherds that do not have a fixed residence. They travel with their herds of yaks from region to region and are among the poorest population in Tibet. Often it is not financially feasible for relatives to take on the financial care of an orphan.

Your donation helps to give the orphans a permanent place to stay, free education, food, clothing and, if necessary, medication. At present there are 17 orphans under the care of the Golog Support foundation.


Do you want more information about the Golog Support Foundation and the project or do you want to make a donation? Visit their site by clicking the buttons below. Only together we can create a beautiful world for all.



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