A Path to Purpose

A Path to Purpose

Why this Story?

A while ago I received an email from Alice. She is a social worker but is not working at the moment due to health issues. Alice wrote: ‘What I find so special is that you seem to have left everything behind and moved on. However, I don’t think it has been as easy as it sounds. What I find very fascinating is that you have left the security of an income behind you. This is hard for me to grasp. Why is money so important to me? I often wonder this…'


I loved Alice’s email. I stopped counting the times people have asked questions about how I earn a living for myself with a nomadic lifestyle. But Alice's mail triggered something in my mind that reminded me why I said goodbye to my old life and chose this new journey I'm on. Alice reminded me of my path to my purpose!


I share my story with Alice and I hope you enjoy reading it too. It might also inspire you to reflect on your relationship with money.

Embarking on a new journey without a specific destination was as easy as it sounds! One night I woke up and I simply listened to my heart’s desires and my soul's whispers. It was about 3:00 am in the morning, my heart was open and my mind was clear. I was in a dream-like world where everything was beautiful and worries and doubts ceased to exist. The only thing I did, was surrender to the beauty I envisaged. You might say I was a master of my own destiny at that moment, because my dream was so vivid I could hear its beautiful melody, feel its warm touch and taste its sweetness.


Coping with reality

But in the weeks after this beautiful night reality began to sink in. People always say: ‘Do what you love!’ But when you tell them what this is, and are doing it, it seems only money and material things are on their mind. Some friends and family thought I was lost and had given up on realizing my dreams. Having a different mindset from your loved ones comes with a certain melancholy. I felt it when that arrow of reality struck my heart but, on reflection, perhaps it was cupid in disguise. Because now I know it is important to walk the journey of life with my two feet firmly on the ground.


The Dream

The first year of my nomadic lifestyle there were only two things on my mind: my love for writing and peace of mind. I made a list of all the things that would help me achieve both these aims. While I was writing, clues appeared on the page and reflected back at me. Staring more closely, I saw my purpose waiting for me to open it up; like a treasure box that I had buried away.


I turned the page and wrote a statement:

From now on I will only work if I can learn new things, use my talents, knowledge, wisdom and I can truly connect with people. I want to write stories, be 100% myself on the job, and I want to help others on their journey through storytelling and coaching.’


When I read the words they were dancing on the page and inviting me to waltz with them! The thought that these words could become reality was a true blessing.


When reality bites

You may say that I’m a dreamer but I’m also a realist, as on the same page I asked myself the question: ‘how can I earn money with my passion?’ I had to build a new sustainable life for myself because otherwise I wouldn't be able to eat or pay my bills...even using a public bathroom costs money in my home country, The Netherlands. I found myself on a exciting journey to put things in perspective on a professional level. I decided that I would not rush anything, but simply keep on walking the path to my purpose with an open heart.


A believer

Believing in myself and my purpose is what kept, and still keeps me going at all times. My vocation would reveal itself, and the necessary resources would come as long as I stayed focused. I had my moments when the energy of worrying consumed me; all I could think of was how I would pay for my health insurance and other bills every month. I had become attached to earning a certain income, and sometimes I feared the risks I was taking. Not to mention the consequences if I did not succeed in writing and coaching professionally. But in reality I have not spent a day without money and I feel blessed every day. I know I’m walking along the right path to my purpose; I’m simply re-shaping my life and working according to my beliefs.


I have experienced that the treasure box within me, my purpose, opens wide

when I set my fears aside, have a good look at my attachments, and live a life full of wonder. There are very few material things I am attached to, so I don’t need to have a lot to enjoy life. I meet fascinating people, visit beautiful places and have awesome adventures. I would never have had the chance to experience these things if I had continued being a communications teacher. Most importantly, I feel connected with my spirit everyday.


On my journey I discovered that my purpose lies in Spiritual-Storytelling. The world is a beautiful place that needs more people to connect with their spirit on their journey to their purpose. Only then will we create a beautiful world for all living beings.


Follow your bliss, Alice

Alice, thank you very much for sharing your story. We had an illuminating conversation. Life should not be a struggle to pay your bills, nor be a curse because you work too much to accumulate more material things or to finance your lifestyle. Although it is normal and healthy that money is important to you; I know from experience that it is wise to have a good look at your relationship with money, and if your attachments are blocking you from embarking on that journey towards fulfilling your purpose. The answer to your question of why money is so important to you lies inside you.





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