A New Life

A New Life

Why this Story?

Do you believe you can do anything you put your mind to? It's wonderful to live your dream! I wish more people would dare to live their dreams.


My mother challenged me to think in terms of possibilities. As a result I created a new life for myself ; I said goodbye to my job (communications teacher) in The Netherlands and I am now working as a Spiritual-Storyteller in Spain. I hope this story inspires you to choose for whatever makes you happy.


‘It is clear that you enjoy life, and that is important,’ my mother said when she came to visit me in Spain. I have been living like a nomad here for six months now and her words coursed through me like a river flowing over mountains and rocks, nourishing everything in its path. Her words were an energising force!

My mother sees as clearly as an owl in the dark if I’m simply enjoying life or rather forcing drops of joyfulness out of me. During her holiday in Spain, she saw her daughter enjoying the vividness of the flowers; being at peace when she heard the birds sing and admiring the vast ocean while digging her bare toes into the sand.


I can’t is dead!

Since I was 18 years old, my mother has filled my bookcase with books carrying messages like: follow your heart, find your destiny, live with love, the power of now and the power of visualization. She saw me struggling with life and wished to guide me.


I have a vivid memory of her ‘I can’t is dead’ phrase. Every time I said, ‘I can’t!’ she yelled at me ‘I can’t is dead!’ While this wasextremely annoying, it actually challenged me to think only in terms of possibilities.


It therefore struck me as peculiar that, in her view, a nomadic lifestyle was only for people who think they have failed, or are blind to their own opportunities and talents. When I told her that a nomadic lifestyle was my dream and that I was choosing to live this way, ‘I can’t is dead’ seemed to be lost in translation. However, when she witnessed the positive impact of my lifestyle on my well being with her own eyes, our dreams merged again.


Life is a soap opera

My mother sees that I’m no longer the leading lady in a soap opera. Previously, my script consisted of three scenes; Scene 1: Waiting in the cold, dark or wet for my train to work in the morning. Scene 2: Spending my day inside a building, dealing with the complaints of discontented colleagues and students. Scene 3: Waiting in the cold, dark or wet for my train home again. Scene 4: Arriving home to my nice city apartment, emotionally drained and longing for the weekend.

 I played the role of a person who appeared to be enjoying herself but actually I was in emotional survival mode. I kept going as I thought that I should be grateful to at least have a job at a time when many people were looking for work.

 My mom has always been my outlet for my frustrations about the cage I had willingly enclosed myself in. But now I see that my previous life was simply a journey of discovery to enjoying life every moment of the day.


An adventure novel

I no longer have a bookcase. The messages from the books I got from my mother became more than good stories, words of wisdom, and a source of inspiration; they came to life and are part of my daily routine now. I am finally truly living life rather than being part of a rat race. Enjoying myself rather than giving myself a pep talk every day from the same script.

I feel my life’s energy flow much better now, driven by my heart’s desires and my soul’s whispers: be honest, connect, love yourself and others, nurture your destiny and make use of your talents to contribute to the world.

My mother is my most beloved cheerleader in this dance of life. ‘My daughter is a wanderer,’ she says, ‘It takes a lot of flexibility to not have your own fixed home and to move from place to place all the time.’ Because it is clear to my mother that I really enjoy life now, it has become more clear to me how much I have grown as a human being.


I have played a starring role in a soap opera for such a long time. And now, after a complete re-writing of my script, my life has become an adventure novel.



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