Interview with Ruud (37)

For Ruud it all began fourteen years ago with a question from one of his students: ’I was teaching Physics. One particular day a curious, eleven-year old student asked how I knew that the core of the earth looked like the pictures in the books in front of us. I replied that I had learned at college that researchers had done tests and they had found out which layers the earth consisted of. My student was not satisfied ....

Interview with Linde (31)

The spiritual journey of Linde Stelling (31) began as a teenager. She is glowing when she shares her journey and search for her own identity. Linde starts her story by looking back at puberty: ‘I was the type of teenager who smoked weed and climbed out the window at night to go to the disco. I was unhappy, and could not find my place within my family, at school and in society in general....


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