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Life Purpose Stories

Love Life, every aspect of it! Life Purpose Letters are soulful stories with food for thought and simple mindfulness and journaling practices to inspire you to Master your Life every day.

Dream!Dare!Do! Stories

Choose to Live your Dream and it will Transform your Life! It happened to me. I stopped working as a Communications teacher, gave up my apartment and most of my belongings. I lived like a modern nomad for 2.5 years, until I met my life partner.


A fascinating 'Dream!Dare!Do!' journey. Let's travel together....

Interviews: Enlightened Courage

Meditation practice changes your Life! What do meditation practitionars do on their meditation cushion and how do they use their spiritual insights to make a positive impact on our modern Western society?


I capture the spirits of ordinary people

with enlightened courage.

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Wisdom's Work Stories

Knowledge and Wisdom are like the two wings of a bird. We can never be truly free without these two wings.


According to Buddhist philosophy there are Five Wisdom energies: Spaciousness, Action, Passion, Clarity and Richness. I study these energies and write about them. Are you curious to learn more?

Interviews: Leadership in Action

Soon more on this series where I interview CEO's and leaders. Subscribe to my stories to don't miss out on this serie.


This project is still under construction



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