As a Spiritual-Storyteller and Life Purpose Coach I work with a variety of people. Some of them have asked for my help to write their story, others needed help to realize their dream, to take the next step in their spiritual-development, to discover their Purpose or live in alignment with it, or to feel a sense of freedom and happiness in their daily lives. Are you curious how I can help you? Shedule a Free meeting by clicking here. Curious what others say? Read the testimonials.


'I started working on my dream. Freedom is important to me, and I am gaining it more and more. Fears are slowly vanishing and are being replaced by trust' ~ George (caregiver and music lover)


I believe that I can realize my dream now. I will keep on working on it’ ~ Margy (Dog lover and secretary)

'I always look forward to our meetings' ~ Efrat (mother and wife)



'I enjoyed our dialogue and became more aware of the benefits of having a good dialogue with myself' ~ Inge




‘Good and clear content. Eunice has given me new insights and her positive energy and enthusiasm are inspiring’ ~ Eric




Very motivating! The practical tips I can use in my daily life’ ~ Anja

‘Eunice knows her stuff. She will lead you to the core of your story. Good questions, good result. I would say : try it!'~ Peter (Life Coach)




Eunice asked a lot of questions that helped me to unravel the truth, and showed me when I get stuck in certain habits. All in a playful way. It helped me to take the next step in my spiritual development!’ ~ Bianca (Activist)

Eunice crawls under the skin of the people she interviews in such an empathic way that she captures their hearts and minds. Rendering her an excellent spiritual-storyteller' ~ Joop (editor in chief Buddhist magazine)



Eunice, you made me see that I’m on the right track, but that I have to follow even more my passion and dreams. And I will continue with meditation, your storytelling and the Purpose Flower. I will be the best version of myself.’~ Annemarie (mother, wife and bussines owner)

'I’m glad that the sparkling Eunice Frijde came my way. Writing texts for your website or promotional purposes requires a professional pen. Eunice is using this pen surprisingly well. She writes your corporate story with empathy for who you are as a human being and a good understanding of your brand. She has a lot of qualities that help you to achieve a good result. She comes up with interesting suggestions not only about the content but also about the form. With deep curiosity, she makes a subject her own. Where necessary, she adds a surprising twist to the story. As a storyteller with a background in marketing-communication, Eunice makes sure you become the ‘purple tree' in a lush green forest.' ~ Ricardo Balkhoven


Live your Life with Purpose every day

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