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'I believe in Living Life with Purpose every day' ~ Eunice


Do you ever feel that your life is like a shoe that’s a size too small - stifling, stuffy and static? You’re breathing steadily but gasping for air at times. You say something but the words don’t come out quite right. You want to scream out loud to the world: 'Why is it so hard to just get along with each other? Come on, let's all connect, love and respect one another!' Well, I did.


Then one day I realized that real change starts from within. I was disconnected from my spirit and I went on a journey to re-connect.


My blessing!

Eleven years ago I started studying and meditating under the guidance of Buddhist teacher, Lama Jigmé Namgyal. I've learned a lot about mindfulness, meditation, and mindtraining. And a new world opened up, full of beautiful possibilities.


I chose to live my dream and found my Life Purpose!

In 2014 I made a life changing decision: I stopped working as a Communications teacher in The Netherlands, gave up my apartment and most of my belongings and lived for three years as a modern nomad, going from one place to another taking care of people’s houses and pets. I had only one thing on my mind: doing what makes me truly happy, such as writing and personal and spiritual development. It turned out to be a transformational journey. Nowadays, I feel my life has meaning.


We are born with a Purpose

I believe we all are born with a Purpose. It’s like a treasure box hidden inside of us waiting to be opened. We find the key on our journey of self-reflection and contemplation: life becomes pleasant and full of joy, our intuition becomes stronger, doubts, unnecessary worries and disturbing thoughts and emotions melt like snow.


As a Life Purpose Coach I listen to your story, and create a custom made programme to help you live a Happy Life; one in alignment with your Purpose.


As a Spiritual-Storyteller I write stories (about personal and spiritual development) for businesses that contribute to the wellfare and wellbeing of human beings.


Master your Life! Live your Life with Purpose every day. Let’s Connect! Subscribe to Life Purpose Letters or book a Life Purpose coaching meeting. I look forward hearing your story.


A friendly smile,


Eunice Frijde

Spiritual-Storyteller & Life Purpose Coach


Live your Life with Purpose every day

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